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About Tails of the Forgotten Paws Inc

Tails of the Forgotten Paws Inc is a 501c3 no kill, non profit sanctuary/rescue dedicated to saving lives and providing forever homes for unwanted and unloved dogs and cats. We are also a sanctuary for troubled unadoptable dogs. Those misunderstood and given up on by society. We see their worth and their desire to LIVE as well as their RIGHT to live. We also have a senior and hospice area where we take them in and give them comfort and love until its time to say goodbye. Tails is ONE rescue with two locations, Ar and IL. Together we make a whole. Our sanctuary and intake/rescue facility is in Arkansas. Our adoption and foster program is in Illinois where there, we are solely foster based. We do not actively adopt out dogs in Ar. Arkansas is where we rescue, rehabilitate medically and mentally if needed, get them healthy, vetted and ready for homes. Those that are adoptable, we then place them up for adoption or foster commitment in Illinois. We have two pickups/transports per month, every other weekend, usually at PetSmart in Hoffman Estates where fosters and adopters meet us to pick up the fur kiddos. We also have two adoption events per month at Pet Supply Plus in Lake in the Hills for our fur kiddos in our foster program in Illinois. We are a jack of all trades in the rescue world and try to help any and all we can in every way we are able. We have a beautiful small team of dedicated members who work tirelessly, day in and day out, saving lives. If we are able to do it, and there is any way possible, WE DO!!! . :) 

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